Privacy is the strongest factor for everyone, especially when it comes to the digital data that may contain your saved passwords. This data may contain your work files, personal snaps and other confidential data which you do not want to share with anyone. If you are planning to sell computer or hard disk, privacy of files is at risk. Since deleting or formatting your drive is not permanent deletion as data deleted can be obtained back using software that can bring back the deleted data. When you give your system to someone else the data must be permanently erased from hard drive.

To ensure your data cannot be obtained by anyone after deleting, it is recommended to overwrite it several times i.e. your drive should be wiped up. Government institutions use particular wiping protocols for file deletion. Likewise, U.S. Department of Defense specification 5220.22 standards recommend a file must be overwritten at least three times. That’s why one should go for how to wipe drive tool. This tool not only does unlinking of "recycled" files but it also uses garbage value to overwrite old data.

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How to wipe drive application is beneficial for privacy of your crucial data; because using delete functions, the data is not really deleted. When you select a file for deletion, the operating system will assign those sectors as empty and re-writeable. So, using the wipe drive software in market, one can easily extract your deleted data. Since this data may even be used for destructive purposes, you should erase the hard drive complete before passing it to other hands. How to wipe drive? This how to wipe drive tool helps you to erase out your hard drive data completely so that no one can extract later.

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