How To Wipe My Dell Laptop Drive?

Dell is widely used brand of laptops. People use Dell laptops because of its reliability and good service. Since these laptops work for longer time, they can be sold second time also. Selling out your Dell laptop is not such an easy thing especially when you had stored your confidential data on it. If you go for simple deletions or formatting your drive, you will not be able to protect your confidential data from the criminal minded people or hackers. They can obtain your data using software that are capable of extracting data from formatted hard drive.

Since your data contents may have transaction and financial information, you must protect them from getting misused. When you go for deleting files from your Dell laptop, they are not permanently removed from your hard drive, only the reference to the memory assigned is marked as empty for writing new data files. As the present data has not been deleted completely, the hacker or new user of your Dell laptop may use available software to obtain your confidential data from it.

The best remedy to this is to completely wipe your laptop hard disk using how to wipe drive software. This tool overwrites the data with garbage and random values several times to make the data irrecoverable by any means. You can browse here to get additional information regarding how to completely erase drive data software and secure it.

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