Delete Hard Drive Data Permanently

Hard drives are the core storage devices for computer users. These are generally used to store vital programs and files in computer. Users use it to keep their work and personal data which are confidential to them. But when you want to sell out your computer, just deleting data or formatting the hard drive doesn’t make your confidential data removed. Those who think that deleting or formatting the hard drive has made their data irrecoverable forever are misleading themselves, as erasing hard drive completely is very important. The data can still be brought back from your hard drive, making your privacy hampered. Therefore wiping the hard drive clean is the first thing that you should be careful of.

In this era of frequent ID theft, it has become more important to ensure that the personal information is completely removed from hard drives. So to avoid external access to your data stored on the hard drive, you must be erasing hard drive completely using how to wipe drive utility program. To know more about how to do wiping the hard drive clean, click here

Why to wipe hard drive?

So far we have read one of the reasons that when we want to sell off our computer we should be erasing hard drive completely to keep our data safe. However, there is one more scenario which forces you wiping the hard drive clean.

When your hard drive gets corrupted or affected by virus or malware attacks which are not getting removed. In such cases simple formatting the hard drive may not work out. The virus may get activated again on hard drive usage after format also. So to remove such virus infection or a hard drive corruption free, user needs to go for wiping the hard drive clean.

Features offered:

How this tool works:

This tool supports best to delete hard drive data permanently in above stances. The hard drive data is sanitized by overwriting it with garbage values for at least 3 times. It unlinks the recycled data. Each sector of hard drive is properly sanitized with new data to make sure the data cannot be brought back. It selects the necessary shredding patterns suggested by international institutions to delete hard drive data permanently. It follows a total of nine shredding patterns:

Follow this few steps to wipe your hard drive: