NTFS Drive Wiper

Planning to donate or sell your NTFS drive? Before donating the drive make sure that you do not donate your personal data, along with donated hard drive. The personal information stored on NTFS hard drive may include your passwords, credit card numbers, confidential business data etc. If you are deleting data using shift + delete or by emptying hard drive, it doesn’t get deleted permanently. The data is still on the NTFS hard drive, only the thing is it gets inaccessible. But when you plan to sell your PC, you can’t risk your data privacy.

For privacy reasons, it is mandatory for you to clean your data permanently. No need to worry because how to wipe utility program wipes data from your NTFS hard drive such that it cannot be obtained back thus removing the chances of misuse of it. This tool takes usage of several shredding patterns and overwrites the present data number of times with selected fixed or random values.

To ensure the full security of your NTFS drive, this tool uses a total of nine sanitization methods on basis of different security standards to wipe your hard drive clean. It also unlinks ‘recycled’ files. This tool runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 servers. Along with NTFS drives, it also supports FAT16, FAT32 formatted partitions / drives.

Why one should go for this tool?

Additional benefit:

This tool also wipes free space inside a file. Since NTFS file system compresses a file into separate blocks (64 kb long). When they get processed, each of these is allocated with certain space on the volume. Whenever compressed information covers lesser space than source file, the left out space is marked as sparse space and no space is allocated to it. Because it’s often that the compressed data doesn’t have a size equivalent to that of cluster and the every block in compressed file has some unusable space. This tool traverses every such block in compressed files and cleans that unusable space. In case you encounter hard disk failure on your laptop, this tool will emrge you out of this disaster. This tool can clean out data from hard drive on various popular brands of laptops such as Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, etc. If you want to go though how to clean data from dell laptop hard drive, do give a visit http://www.howtowipedrive.com/dell-laptop.html

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Steps for wiping your NTFS drive: