How to Completely Erase Pen Drive?

Best approach to wipe pen drive completely!

Generally we keep our important files and personal data in pen drive that is often needed. You may save personal data in pen drive in order to make it available at any where any time. But be careful whenever you share pen drive with others because if you forget to erase pen drive files completely, others can get their hands on your confidential data. Read this informative page and know how to completely erase pen drive.

Why file deletion is not enough to erase data completely?

You might be thinking about this question. Definitely there is not any restore option to get back files from Recycle Bin or Trash as we know that files deleted from any removable storage drive simply bypass these folders. But it doesn’t mean that files are removed permanently from pen drive. Actually, if you explore more about file deletion, you will find data always remains present on storage drive after deletion and it keeps staying there until it is overwritten by new files. When user deletes files from the pen drive or formats it, only the entries in index table are deleted. After indexer links are deleted, OS thinks the location where deleted file is saved as free to save data. That’s why if you employ professional data recovery software, you can restore all deleted files from pen drive very easily.
Therefore, if you plan to sell out your pen drive or dispose data by just deleting personal files or formatting pen drive, it will not be a wise effort. You will simply give a chance to others to look into your personal data saved on pen drive. So before giving pen drive in other hands, just utilize an efficient drive wipe tool to completely erase pen drive. Similarly, if you are going to sell your computer hard drive or wish to delete hard drive data permanently, take advantage of such advanced drive wiping technology.

How to Wipe Drive – Permanent Solution to completely erase pen drive!

By utilizing this wiping tool, you can achieve complete erasure of data from a pen drive.  It uses different shredding algorithms to wipe data securely and permanently on any storage drive such as pen drive, external hard drive, flash memory cards, hard disks, SSDs and others. Including Fast Zero Overwrite, US Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22 – M), Random Overwrite, US Navy, North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO standard and NAVSO P- 5239-26 – RLL there total nine shredding patterns are there to facilitate users to wipe pen drive data according to different security levels. This tool is skilled enough to wipe laptop hard drive from Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony etc.

It completely erases all sensitive and confidential files and folders from pen drive of different popular brands like Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, Toshiba, Sony, SanDisk etc. With this app, you can wipe hard drive and other storage drives formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT file systems. It is highly compatible with different Windows systems i.e. Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista etc and offers risk free drive wiping operation. You can get it’s free trial version to evaluate it’s performance in erasing pen drive completely. You can refer this link to know how to wipe NTFS drive.

Steps to wipe pen drive: