Wipe Out Hard Drive On Windows XP

Hard drives are basically used to store and access digital information. These Hard drives act as important data storage devices. They are often used to retain important files and programs. Whenever a particular file is deleted from hard drive, only it’s entry from the Windows file system is deleted; whereas the file is still there in the Hard drive. These files can easily be obtained by using softwares that can get back deleted files from hard drives.  But with the critical information you save on your hard drive, it becomes necessary for you to go beyond general deletion because general deletion procedures like shift+delete does not delete permanently.

You might be wondering now how to wipe your hard drive clean. You can use the most recognized and praised how to wipe drive software to wipe out your hard drive data on Windows.

Situation when you might need this software:

Selling PC/Laptop: In situation when you want to sell your computer and you also want to make sure that no one else can access your important files. Simple deletions won’t work out to make it secure. The only solution left is to wipe your hard drive completely so that your confidential data can never be obtained out of hard drive for being misused.

Advantages of using this software:

For above scenario you can use this software to clear files permanently from the hard drive. It wipes files completely by overwriting them with new data, at least 3 times. It also provides garbage values to unlink recycled files. It is called disk sanitization or drive wipe. This tool will sanitize each and every sector from the hard drive with new data. It selects a shredding pattern and disk sanitization ways to clear out data from the hard drive. This tool supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vistas and Windows 7. Using this tool one can clean data completely from hard drives of various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, etc. To elaborate your understanding of wiping data from NTFS drives, click here.

This tool provides a total of nine sanitization standards. They are as:

These standards are approved by various government agencies all around the world. These processes to overwrite differs from each other like the fast zero overwrite method will overwrite each sector with (0*00) fixed value whereas random overwrite method will overwrite the information with random values.

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Steps to wipe out hard drive on Windows XP: